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    About TRUEinvoice Auction Pass

We have partnered with several auto dealers across the nation to provide you with vehicles at and sometimes even below auction price. How can we do this? It's simple.

Each dealer across the nation has a used car inventory "Turn Policy" meaning they must sell a vehicle by a certain time. This policy usually reads , “Any vehicle that reaches 90 days must go.”  Nowadays, given the current high cost to acquire cars, price competition, continuing  maintenance costs, etc. dealers are forced to sell faster than they used to. Today the average dealer turns or refreshes their inventory about every 45 days.

The TRUEinvoice on a used vehicle would be what the dealer paid for it at auction +/- auction, transportation or recondition fees. These are cost you would have to pay yourself if you physically went the the auction. Auction fees are generally $250.00, transport fees $300.00 (depending on market) and reconditions fees vary. Typically all used car departments have safety checks. If a car needs tires, windshield etc. they fix it as soon as the unit comes in. A used car department in a franchised dealership may spend $500.00 up to $2,000.00 to make the car like new again. After the car passes inspection and gets a full detail they put it on the lot this is called "Frontline Ready". Here it sits and waits for you to sit in and drive home.

The longer that unit sits on the lot the more it will cost the dealer. Besides all the fees above, there are the bank fees. 90% of all dealerships have a floor plan.  The dealer pays interest to the bank on the vehicle and usually has a deal worked out with the bank that allows the dealer to keep the car for 60 - 90 days, paying interest only.


What happens if a dealer goes over the specified time allotted by the bank? Then the dealer has to pay the car completely off. In other words the bank holds the title and if the dealer goes beyond the agreement he must pay the bank what the loan value is plus interest and more fees. 



Here's a few FAQ's that may help answer further questions about the TRUEinvoice Auction Pass Process.


How does The True Auction Pass help me? 

  • We have dealers that send us their "turn" list...  (Vehicles that must be sold ASAP) We all heard the line "They ALL must Go... NOW!!!  but in this case its true. TRUEinvoice has special access to the dealers inventory and agreements in place that state we are allowed to share with you the True Auction Invoice on all vehicles that are over 20 days old.

Why does a dealer use TRUEinvoice?

  • We have several thousand consumers visit TRUEinvoice daily. we have built a great relationship over the years with consumers and they trust us.

Will the dealer honor the price I get from TRUEinvoice? 

  • Yes, the dealer is working under strict TRUEinvoice guidelines. When you receive a True Auction Price from us we guarantee the dealer will 100% honor it.  This will be the TRUEinvoice on the pre-owned vehicle. Example: Auction cost + Auction Fees + Transportation and Recondition Fees + $100.00.

What's the $100.00 for? 

  • The $100.00 fee is for the TRUEinvoice Manager that works with us at the dealership level. He will prepare all the paperwork for you and let's face it, its a lot of paperwork. This is also the person you call if you need service on the vehicle.

How long is the True Auction Price good for? 

  • The dealer will honor the price up to 96 hours after you receive it from us. Remember, these are vehicle that he must sell NOW!!! The car you see today someone else looked at yesterday and may be gone tomorrow. The TRUEinvoice Auction Pass is for consumers in the market to buy a vehicle NOW!!! without any hassles, gimmicks or guessing.

How do I know I am getting a really good deal?

  • When the system sends you the TRUEinvoice Auction Price it will also send you the Kelly Blue Book Values as well.

What if I have a Trade-in?

  • We will help you get the most for your trade-in. Check out True Trade Values and see how we guarantee TOP dollar for your trade.

Can I just go to the dealership?

  • Yes, if its a TRUEinvoice Authorized Dealer you can go there and just ask for the TRUEinvoice manager. The vehicles that are in the TRUEinvoice Network are clearly marked on the windshields. The manager will give you the TRUEinvoice on that vehicle. You can see the dealers listed once you register above.



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